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Pokemon Rescue League

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Pokemon Rescue League

The First and Official Pokemon Mystery Dungeon LiveJournal Community
29 September 2006
Maintainer and Founder: kassichu

Table of Contents
Question and Answer (Q&A) Updated 04/23
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1) What is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a Nintendo video game based on traditional Mysterious Dungeon titles. The Blue Rescue Team is for Nintendo DS, and the Red Rescue Team is for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Three sequels have been released since then, all for the Nintendo DS: Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of the Sky. In these games, you control Pokemon characters in a classic RPG, turn-based story to save other Pokemon lost in dungeons and perform various other tasks.

2) What is this community for?
- pokemon_rescue is a general community about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, although it was created to form a network of rescue teams to help other rescue teams in need. In the games, when you are unable to complete the dungeon, you are issued an SOS code. If this happens to you, come to this community, post your SOS code, and a member will use the code to enter your dungeon and escort you out. You can request to send your mail over WiFi if you want. You may also post interesting or funny in-game stories, screenshots, submit your art or fiction of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, or discuss the television special on Mystery Dungeon.

3) Do I need the game to join?
- Anyone remotely interested in the game may join, as well as anyone who likes the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon television special.

4) Is this community Blue Rescue Team only?
- No, yet the current design theme is blue, which can be misleading.

5) Can I be a mod?
- No. I don't need any mods for the time being.


We are very kind here! There hasn't been any drama so far. We would love to see you participate.
1) Do not advertise.
2) Cursing is allowed in moderation.
- OK: "... damn Mewtwo"
3) Please be respectful of others' opinions. Outright flaming is never necessary.
4) If you want to post an image or a fanfiction, please do so behind a cut.
5) "Back-seat modding" is not encouraged. If you think a person is behaving inappropriately, please get in contact with one of the mods. Taking matters into your own hands will inevitably become a flame war.

Contact a Mod

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